BTV is served by a number of privately owned taxicab operators. Call any of the numbers below to order a taxi.


Start Fee (referred to as Drop-Fee) $2.50
Rate per Mile $2.50/mile (Calculated each 1/10 of a mile)
Minimum Fare $7.50
Additional Passenger $1.00
Airport Surcharge Fee $4.00 (from Airport Queue only)

Ground Transportation Companies licensed to do business at the Airport are shown below. Note: this is not the complete list of taxis, please refresh the page to see additional options.

Dunwright Taxi (802) 760-7666
Atlas Cab (802) 829-7721
Winooski Cab (802) 735-5901
JD’s Taxi (802) 734-6656
Future Taxi 802-999-0002
Quik Cab (802) 658-2299
USA Taxi (802) 660-4773
Route 2 Cab (802) 363-7721
Snow Lion Taxi (802) 355-5465
M.B. Taxi (802) 233-2560