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Book Release - Burlington International Airport: A History 1920-2010

July 29, 2010

Burlington International Airport: A History 1920-2010

The book was written by the author James M. Tabor, a graduate of the University of Vermont and long-time Vermont resident.

James M. Tabor is also the author, most recently, of the New York Times bestseller Blind Descent (Random House, 2010). About the airport history Tabor said, “I’m accustomed to surprises doing research for books, but what I found digging into the history of this airport was truly extraordinary. Perhaps more than anything else, I was repeatedly struck by the cavalcade of fascinating characters whose achievements are truly mind-boggling. The airport itself was no less remarkable. At one time during WW II, for example, it was the busiest airport on earth!”

The hardcover, 190 page book contains 117 black and white historical photos and 25 spectacular color images as well. It is currently available for purchase at the Airport gift shop! (Hudson News).