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Notice of 2012 PFC Impose and Use Amendment

August 15, 2012

Application No. 11‐05‐C‐00‐BTV

This is notice that Burlington International Airport is proposing to amend the recently approved Impose and Use application for the collection and use of Passenger Facility Charge funds. The purpose of the amendment is to increase Project Number 18 listed in the PFC Application by $45,400 to cover additional costs related to this application. The original application consisted of 6 projects but was expanded to meet FAA requirements so that the actual application contained 19 projects. This required substantial additional work by the Consultant in that 13 additional Attachment B forms including detailed descriptions, justifications and objectives were required. A change in the detailed financial plan was required which included these additional project costs.

The original cost for Project Number 18 in the original application was $44,200. The current amendment proposes to increase this amount to $89,600. This addition will not change the anticipated collection date of January 1, 2016.