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Piedmont Employee Of The Month

July 26, 2013

Davey Eckert Selected as Piedmont's Employee Of The Month, June 2013.

Director Of Aviation, Gene Richards, congratulating Davey on a job well done.


In June, we started the Employee of the Month Program for US Airways Express/ Piedmont.


The qualifiers are as follows:

• No corrective actions issued
• Making strides to be a ‘leader’; taking responsibility for actions, assisting new hire agents
• Demonstrating procedural knowledge in performance and training
• No misloaded / not loaded bags
• Assisting in covering open time during staffing short falls
• Respect and communication with fellow employees
• Going ‘Above and Beyond’ in maintaining a safe, efficient operational environment…especially during times of irregular operations
• Providing additional assistance to counter / gate agents for inbound bag belt clearance, wheel chair assistance, etc., when requested

In June, Davey received seven nominations concerning his performance in these various areas…more than any other employee for the month.  Davey is a powerhouse on the ramp, which is one of the reasons why the station is currently at 642 days aircraft damage free; 488 days ‘on the job injury free’ and why the BTV station over the last six months, maintains an ‘A’ in performance metrics.

Great Job, Davey!